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Tibet to India

Now in second phase while we talk about history of Gaden Shartse Lhopa khangtsen in India. At the beginning it started with number of eighty monks. Among them some went to northern part of India, place where the Buddha turned the first wheel of dharma,Varanasi. They wentthere as a lecturer and few of them as student. Also some of them were sent as advisory workshop on teacher  training and some other were served as army traning. Excluding that, thirty other monks were able to migrate in southern India at the buxa in the year of 1969.

At that time Indian government provided each tent between five monks and they sheltered in it. Then after,monks made their own effort and cut off the bamboos and collected straws to build up the hut and to live in it. After long while, again Indian government helped them and provided each earthen house between two person.
At that period,no matter how hard of sustenance and the shelter were, but they faced all the problems just to keep alive a treasure of rich Tibetan culture, ancient Nalanda tradition philosophy ( five  major treaties Pramanavartika, Pragyanaparamita, Madhyamika , Abhidharama kosha and Vinaya. Including early Tibetan grammer and literature ect.) by studying them hard. By that way they preserved and upholded the teaching of enlightened one the Buddha and the rich Tibetan culture,Ancient nalanda tradition.
Preserving and upholding that kind of richtradition was ultimately speechless which has no word for it.

Undoubtedly, where there will be monks, there also requires a ritual activities, such as events and religious ceremonies.
Palden Phopa Khangtsen came to need of prayer hall. Unfortunately, due to financial sortage khangtsen was not able to afford the prayer hall. In this case prayer were gathered in the room of  monk’s room which can be considered as a first prayer hall of Gashar Lhopa Khangtsen.

At the second phase, the combined roomof monks were used as prayer hall which was considered as the second prayer hall of gashar lhopa khangtsen. At first it was rented. Then later, Rinpoche gave and it was bought.After few years later, all the monks who were at various places such as Varanasi , Mussorie and some of them who were at army training and etc. They all came back and reunited at the monastery.

Process of outgoing and incoming along aboard from Tibet to Indialed about 200 Tibetan new comers to join the khangtsen. Increasingnumber of more new coming monks faced a problem in shelter but without any hesitation senior monks made an adjustment to stay with them.

Now to rid away this problem, some senior monk took an action by collecting more donations from various places as they could. Among this collection Geshe Tsurltrim Gyaltsen la made a speechless  contribution toward Khangtsen by founding Thupten dargyeling dharma centre in USA in favour to help in financial support of khangtsen.
Geshe la supported khangtsen by offering a huge amount of money to build more rooms for monks and to build a new prayer hall which problem they were facing badly in early days.

Tibetan year 2113 and the Christ year, year of 1986, monastery’s administration gave a land to build a new prayer hall and rooms for monks in south India, Mundgod.
Former land which was bought early with non-profit from monks was offered to monastery. Now new prayer hall and rooms started to building at that place which land was given by the monastery’s administration in the instead of former land which was offered to monastery’s administration.

The new prayer hall was built with six pillared design. At the first floor with rooms of senior monks room. Moreover, two storey buildingwith five room and twenty ordinary rooms. At the top, six bathrooms and six toilets. Also treasure office and storeroom, walls surrounded with good quality stone slabs. Besides the house water drainage system were constructed. And also, water pump to pull water for toilet.

With the support of France resident, Geshe Lobsang Thupten la supported to build a new pavement infront of the khangtsen. And also, donated a washing machine for washing clothes of monks.
He also offered a hand water pump to khangtsen for watering the vegetable farm of khangtsen. With that kind of facilities , khangtsen revived for few decades.
Now after few decades later khangtsen grew into a large populated house. Now more monks were coming from Tibet, northern part of India like Himalaya region and more on. Once again same problem arose again, a problem of rooms. In this situation, while Geshe Tsurltrim Gyaltsen la arrived to mundgod from USA. Then all the ongoing actual problemsof khangtsen were kept infront of him by the foremost senior monks of  khangtsen. Also from the side of geshe also concerned it as prior consideration.

With this proposal geshe la organized one and half year programs at aboard.

Few monks of this Khangtsen took as a participant on this programs and worked there tirelessly to solve the financial problems of Khangtsen.
After some good result,within that collection Khangtsen offered abundant  honorarium merit to the monastery’s administration. Then after, as earlier goal of the  khangtsen.
In the month of November 2004, khangtsen began to build four storeyed building, ordinary monks rooms with interior and exterior. Height of room was high, wider in size.

Especially four attachment rooms with bathroom and toilet was built for aged monks who were unable to walk too far.
There were also rooms kept for them who lived at aboard in matter of khangtsen. Three guest rooms with well facility were built for them who are related to khangtsen and those who want to come here and stay here. Moreover, two rooms and kitchen room were constructed nearby the ladang (residence of high lama). In the same way two bathrooms and toilet were built.

One separate room with one small extra room and one bathroom, one toilet and kitchen was built for Geshe Tsurltrim Gyaltsen la.
Two rooms were built for Education development department. One big library room constructed for reading books and to keep Kangyur and Tengyur(two major scriptures of Buddha and other of great Indian Buddhist scholars and masters).

At the side of that sixteen bathrooms and sixteen toilets were constructed.
Right beside that, there is a place for washing clothes with basins and small platform to wash clothes.
Thus,each every four storey has four face washing  basins. At the roof top of khangtsen there are each  beautiful room. As well as solar panel are also fitted in khangtsen and also petroleum generator is also used sometime. There is also a water pump for water facility.
Until now, most of the facilities are in well condition.

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