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A Brief Biography of His Eminence Khensur Gyaltso Wangchuk


Biogarphy of 74th abbot of Gaden Shartse Monastery.

As in the prayer of devotional verse of abbot of Gaden Shartse, it has mentioned “he who empowers the oceans of treatises scripture of Buddha’s teaching”.  As mentioned above the 74th abbot Khentsur Gyasto Wangchuk was born in the year of fire monkey year at Chamdo dotoe province, nearby Nyul Gu Kha Gha Tsang(name of village). The mediator who resided nearby that village named his eminence as Ghudak. Gradually, he received self libration vow and named Gyasto Wangchuk. At the age of 19, in the year of wooden tiger year he immigrated from birthplace to central Tibet, Lhasa. And joined in Gaden Shartse Lhopa Monastic Hostel.

He received lectures from great Scholars and masters of Drepung Loseling, Gaden Shartse Phukang and Lhopa such as,Loseling Geshe loyak,Lhopa kyorpon Lobsang Namgyal,Phukang Geshe gali rinpoche Lobsang Dhondup.

As the request of his classmates he performed as defender in grand debate Dialectic occasion. He gained Dhoram Degree with his companion Yangtan Phuntsok Khechok.

In the year of fire ox year his eminence again performed as defender in the great dialectic occasion among thousands of monks in the event of great Monlam festival with his companion seramay Shungpa Ngawang Khetsun. After performing  the great performance his eminence was awarded by Gaden Phodang Administration as 5th rank of his excellence.


After complete of  grand debate occasion of Sangphu Yarchoe.  while his eminence was returning with his mates who were brilliant scholars, they unloaded their loads and relaxed. At the same time on the way there was a representative of dharma survivor setrap. They went to visit him and they were predicated by him and mentioned that few of them should return back to monastery , some they were told as they can go to home. Specially his eminence was predicated to go back to Monastery and was mentioned one day he will be enthroned as abbot of Gaden Shartse Monastery.


After his graduation dergree of Geshe Lharampa(equivalent to  PhD). He went to Gyuto Monastery to complete his graduation of Tantra degree.


Gashar Lhopa Gyalse Rinpoche did tutor of his eminence and provided education as he could do his  best and  handed over the full responsibility of the house to his eminence.

In the fire male dog year , his eminence was appointed as the gaden shartse khenpo by minister of Tibetan administration kyabje tadak rinpoche and became abbot after the kyabje zong rinpoche.

  As in his tenure of abbot . he did some tremendous jobs such as , in early days all other great seats of geluk monasteries used to gather there  for grand debate event called jang gunchoe. But , at that time gaden shartse was not a participant of that occasion except sangphu yarchoe. Then his eminence made a great contribution  to expel away this absence.

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