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religious occasions and ceremonies

Hereby there are some following whole year’s schedules of religious occasions and ceremonies of Gaden Shartse Lhopa Khangtsen .

1) In the second month of Tibetan lunar calendar there holds a ceremony called Takchoe Dupchoe . It is well known ceremony in Gelukpa tradition which was founded by the great scholar Je Tsong khapa . And this ceremony is followed in the traditional way or footstep of great Indian saint called saint Luyipa . The ceremony will be practiced in the way of drawing a sand mandala of samvara with other sixty two deities and so on.


2) In the third month of Tibetan lunar calendar there holds a one of major debate ceremony which is known as Sangphu Yarchoe ( Summer religious debate ceremony of Sangphu province) . in this debate season the philosophical student of this khangtsen (monastic hostel) also enjoys the ritual activities for two days by reciting some ritual texts. In this ceremony the students are sanctioned as an official leave and they are given preferential leave in such other activities. This tradition was followed before the invasion of Tibet .


3) In the sixth month of Tibetan calendar holds a practice of chakrasamvara by the help of cloth written mandala of chakrasamvara . On this ceremony the particular practitioner monks of this ritual ceremony, performs the self – initiation of chakrasamvara and recite a benediction prayer of this deity .


4) In the month of eighth or ninth without any certain date. There will be an announcement for rite of propitiation of prosperity. The ritual ceremony of lord kuber ( The god of wealth) which runs for three days. In this same following month there is also a ritual ceremony of thanks giving and offering ceremony to the five major Dharma protectors. This ceremony should be held for four days.


5) In the rise of eleventh month of Tibetan calendar, by the all monks of khangtsen would be gathered for offering ceremony to five major Dharma protectors. This ritual is done in the same way of major monastery’s way with advanced and extensively by playing ritual instruments and etc.


This ceremony is hold for two days in a favour of wellness of all being, wellness of all members who is related to khangtsen and for good health of students themselves in intrest of defending obstacles in studies and in other fields also. (monastic hostel).


In this same month there should also be gathered for offering ritual prayer ceremony of Palden Magzor Remati who is the main Dharma protector of this khangtsen. This ceremony is done for the wellness of all being and the wellness of khangtsen.


6) In the last Tibetan month of twelveth , on the certain date of 14th , there holds a traditional ceremony of confession offering and other offerings ect. to main Dharma proctector of khangtsen Palden Magzor Remati .This ceremony runs for whole night by reciting religious melodies recitation and also by playing religious instrument extensively.


This way of ceremony which hails on date 14th of last month of Tibetan calendar starts from time of evening. The warden of khangtsen wears on exuberant clothing of robes and gives a signal from the door of ceremonial hall gradually twice. Then monks should slowly get entered inside the ceremonial hall. After that chanting master begins to chant. Then slowly religious trumpet, flute ,drum ect. are blown in a soft and gentle manner then ceremony will be over.


Then again religious trumpet and flute should be blown three times at the roof top of khangtsen with that again ceremony continues. At this time cymbal, trumpet and flute should be played on same time. Then the actual beginning of ceremony begins with chanting some beginning prayers and detailed self-generating tantric practice(Dag- kay) of Yamantaka Lha Chugsum (The thirteen headed lord of death).


Thus relating to that there will also be a recitation prayer of offering to Palden Lhamo (deity). By the dawn time recitation of confession toward deity should be done. Then after ceremony comes to the end. Monks recites prayers like ‘benediction recitation’(Shi jo) are recited for wellness of all being and for world peace.

Briefly ,the ceremony will be processed whole night that day. Also each per month there would be ceremony of offering to deity as by announcing before the ceremony . Within whole one year , by the monks of this khangtsen rites of aid (zab rim) are accomplished, which rites are such as Mamo Tukong and others ect. in extensive form.


And also there holds some other minor ceremonies. In this minor ceremonies, majorly the monks of this khangtsen , higher dignitaries like tulkus (incarnated monks) and including new comers takes a participant on this event. On this event a text of five major subjects such as verse of pramanavartika, verse of pragyanaparamita , verse of madhyamika, verse of abhidharma kosha and verse of vinaya are recited effortlessly. And also they enjoy to take participant on events of monastery

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