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Gaden Lhopa Administration.

Lhopa Khangtsen(house) has one housekeeper, one chanting master, three education members, Two stores in charge, and one specifically monk appointed in charge of DECHOG ritual ceremony.

Role of Khangtsen(house) Caretaker:


His duties entails being accountable to the precious relics, statues, ancient Buddhist scriptures and other valuable items of the Khangtsen. He is looking after the over all house rules & regulations like conducting house prayers, maintaining over all house discipline, checking the absentees during the house prayers held on a weekly basis.

He needs to keep informed the Khenpo, khensur, respective lama and tulku’s whenever there is big prayer ceremony conducted by the sponsor’s for offering to Tea to the large gathering of monks. He has a full authority to grant permission, punish monks for the misconduct and breaking house rules.

He also put up house problems and other complaints with related to the house to higher authority in case of emergency. He randomly visits the courtyard and in monk’s room without notice to keep under loop their activities and code of conduct, most importantly their studies.

The monk who had cleared the exam of second year ‘Middle Way’ studies can be eligible for the selection of House keeper for tenure of one year.



Role of Chanting Master:

His main responsible is to carry the ritual ceremony like LAMA TSEDOR AND GOMRIM CHENPO, etc on a monthly basis. He can be appointed from the candidate of four other monks selected through the voting system, and those monks have to be presented and circumambulate before the specific protector called “PALDEN LHAMO” by putting their names in senre made of Tsampa for the final selection of single name as a role of chanting master for a period of five years.

Those who had carried their fully responsibility for a five years is exempted from other house chores.  If someone carry his duty during his absence, than that person is not allowed to sit on his regular seat which we called as (throne), reason being the sacred throne of  PANCHEN SONAM DRAKPA during his position as chanting master of Lhopa Khangtsen.



Role of three educational members:

They have to look upon financial activities by scrutinising accounts of house in terms of cash management, monetary discrepancies, and other valuable assets, which was carried down by their previous members after their terms have finished.

They have to keep records of all the donations received from the respective sponsors, renewing the interest received upon the fixed deposits on a regular interval.

Their duty also includes welcoming both the inbound and off shores sponsor’s who is visiting the monastery by arranging the food, lodging and providing other necessary assistance as and when required. For the off shores sponsors, guest has to provide the rooms for their stay, for that they need to inform well in advance to the room incharge about their arrival dates and so on.

Coordinating with the sponsor’s through email and through other medium. They need to maintain the fund received by the monk students from the concerned sponsors and other financial help funded by the specific sponsors to the house has to deposit in the bank. The one fourth of interest upon the deposit money has to use for the distribution of gifs to the students who scored first, second and third in the exam as a gesture of their hard work towards their studies.

Simultaneously giving away pen and books to the small monks, paying for the half medical bills of monk hospitalised in case of illness. There main job is to improve the over all quality of monk’s education by providing the good environment to study, and paying attention to improve  their standard of living by checking the condition of their rooms, mend the stuff if so needed, cleaning the surrounding and maintaining proper  hygienic place to stay and study.   Those three monks are appointed as per the voting system.

Their tenure to carry this responsibility is for three years.

Role of Store Incharge:

His job includes arranging and managing all the work with respect to offering a Tea and Tsog feast at the large gathering of monks at the main prayer hall during ceremony initiated through the Khangtsen. He has to do the work of creation of butter sculptures and other necessary ritual arrangements for the sacred ceremonial occasions.

During the course of Geshe Tongo Ceremony of khangtsen monks at the main prayer hall, the store incharge has to allocate the work to the monk students by listing their names as per the work assigned  for the preparation of food and to feed the monks for that particular occasion.

As per the request from the khangtsen’s sponsor for the performing of puja (ritual) and other sacred prayers at the khangtsen hall, the store keeper has to prepare all the ritual processions and to see the preparation of Tsok feast in the kitchen.

At the time of sponsor’s visit to the monastery, he carries the responsibility of doing all the kitchen work to serve them.

During the sacred DECHOG ceremony, the monk who had assigned this work from the three respective khangtsen has to undergo the work all together and arrange all the necessary work to be carried as per the traditions.


Above is the brief introduction of the duties carried by the respective fields.

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