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Biography of Tulku Yeshi Gyasto
Reincarnation of late Geshe 

Reincarnation of great guru Geshe Lobsang Sherap.

Tulku Yeshi Gyasto was born on 25/3/2006 in Bakhar village Arnuchal Pradesh as the son of mom Lobsang Choezom & Father pema Phuntsok.


On 2013, His Holiness The 14th Dalia lama had selected him as a Reincarnation of late Geshe Lobsang Sherap among thousand childern’s and it took on month.  His family belongs to the home of His Holiness the sixth Dalia lama (gyalwang Tsayang Gyasto.


On 6/10/2013  He had a throne ceremony in Arunachal Pradesh, all the follower and villagers are welcome with beautiful flowers and tibetan scraft.

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