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New-Prayer hall project.

We are building a new prayer hall for around 200 monks. This organization is providing rooms and education for them from 400 years ago.

Gaden Shartse Lhopa House (Khangtsen) is one of eleven houses at Gaden Shartse Monastery in Mundgod, India. It houses up to 200 monks from young to old. The Lhopa monks need our help!

They have embarked on a big project and building a new temple and dormitory rooms for their students. Their old temple had lots of leaks and was only designed for about 40-50 monks. This also included residential rooms that were being overcrowded. The new structure will provide a bigger prayer hall, lessen the overcrowded burden, and will also include study rooms. The project had already begun with the razing of the old structure. New funds are needed to continue on with the project.

The cost of the project is more than the $80000 being raised on gofundme. Nevertheless, this will be a continuous project which may take a few years to build. All funds received will be sent to us from the name mentioned below at the end of this request.

The new structure will benefit the resident monks coming from different regions in India. It will help them continue with their ongoing education of learning Buddhist dharma, teachings, and philosophical training. We appreciate any donation to help support this goal!

The fundraiser is organized by Carlos, and Venerable Lobzang Gyalsen, Secretary of Lhopa Khangtsen.

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