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In the year 2019, known as the year of Great Lama Tsongkhapa, International Gelugpa Foundation and Gaden Tri thok Khang organized a contest on poetry and Memorization of Buddhist text.

Among 200 other participants, Tulku Tenzin Tsering and Karma Tsuldrim obtained top positions in poetry. As well as Jangchup Tsering, Lobzang Gyaltsen, and Dakpa Kunga also gained the top position in Memorizing among 3140 other participants.

We the member of Lhopa house would like to express congratulations and be thankful for your great effort in this great contest.

By the virtue of these kinds of the great deed of your all, may the entire being attain the state of ultimate happiness, and the entire universe lay upon peace and harmony! My entire being is bonded in the bondage of brotherhood!

Overall, may all the essence of those wishes and prayers lead his Holiness to live a long life, and shall we all have the auspicious fortune to stay under the shade of his love and kindness.

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